AWS stencils for Visio

For creating Diagrams utilizing the AWS stack one would need the appropriate shapes in the diagrams.

Let us download the AWS stencil archive from https://aws.amazon.com/architecture/icons/

I downloaded the Visio Stencil arhive from the options available of,

  1. PPT
  2. Visio
  3. EPS & SVG format
  4. Sketch format

Within the Documents folder, you should get a folder named My Shapes
Create a new folder AWS within this so effectively the path would be

C:\Users\<username>\Documents\My Shapes

Extract the downloaded zip archive and within the folder of Visio\Visio_2013-Current_VSSX_ all the AWS visio stencils/icons will be present.

Copy all the files and paste it in the My Shapes folder path.

Now when you go to Visio and hover over More Shapes -> My Shapes should get you the folder created with all the stencils as per image below,


AWS stencils for Visio
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